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How do you push presence information to Spark

I have a Windows application that digs into Outlook to get busy/free information from the calendar.

Is it possible to push that information to Spark which will them push the information to openfire?

I can get more information from Outlook like:

the name of the meeting

the next time the user will be free

meeting location

Can I do anything with that information?

Another simple thing I can not seem to figure out is how to add another presence indication of “In a meeting”.


You can’t integrate Spark with Ooutlook in an easy way. You must program a tool for that. There is no such at the moment.

Custom presence can be set in the presence drop down menu.


Thanks for the response. I can write the middleware between Spark and Outlook. I was wondering if there is a mechanism to change the presence in Spark from my executable.

I do not want to have to talk to the openfire server directly, I would prefer to talk to Spark and let Spark talk to openfire.


You don’t have to talk to Openfire. You will change the presence in Spark. And Spark is constantly sending his presence to Openfire automatically (or only the changes, i don’t know the details). But. You will have to put all the information (time, meeting, etc.). The only place i can think of is the status. It will look as a simple custom status like “Hey, i’m back!”. Then displaying of that message will depend on the client other users are using. In Spark you will have to stretch your contacts window to see the whole message, if it is too long, or right click the contact and select “Show Status Message” (2.6.0 version). If you are ok with such plain text status solution, when i think it can be done.

I have to add, that you won’t be able to change unmodified Spark’s presence just with the middleware. Well, at least i don’t know about such options. I’m not a coder myself. So, you will have to modify Spark, or maybe better to create a plugin.

Unless someone can give any new information that will allow me to change the presence status from ‘Available’ to ‘In a meeting’ by sending a message to Spark, I will see if there is some jabber framework I can use to talk directly to openfire.


You need to interface your outlook/exchange data with openfire. I do not know if that will work though because if spark is running it may override any presence information you set from outlook. it is a bidirectional communication for status/presence states.

The article states that Openfire and Outlook are integrated, thru an enteprprise plugin. ???

ANy pointers?

That is not true. There is no openfire - outlook integration.