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How does the licensing work?

I have a question that was partially answered by tech support but I wanted to post it here to get suggestions about our implemention options. We were trying to understand how the licensing worked so we could effectively plan our architecture. We have several thousand users total in our organization. We have purchased 25 licenses (for fastpath). The question is how the 25 enterprise users count is defined and enforced if we want to use a single server for everything.

So it seems that I can set up a server and point it to a base DN where all of my users exist and, even though I only have 25 licenses, all of the user get pulled into the system. Now the 25 licenses I bought are intended to give a small group of my users access to fastpath for support reasons. These 25 users already exist in my base DN.

Can I mix the server modes like this? It seems to work fine, but is there some sort of restriction built in that I haven’t hit yet. In other words, I hope to the 25 user restriction will only effect the enterpise functions. In other words I can have 200 people chatting just fine but i will be limited to 25 people using fastpath at the same time. Obviously I can restrict the number of user I have configured as fastpath users.

I guess the only place I can see that they would want to restrict overall users (even if they are just chatting) is that with the enterpise license comes the dashboard which seems to report on “all” server activity. So there may be some sort of limitation in there that I just haven’t come across yet in my limited testing.

In short, there are several types of architectures that we could consider (multiple servers, etc.) but I want to keep it as simple as possible without running into potential problems with the way the licensing is implemented. I was hoping to draw on the wisdom of the community to help us explore our options.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

I think the licensing is based on the number of users openfire knows about. We ran into the same problem where we only wanted a small group of people to start with and grow the service, but our AD has over 1200 users. You can create security groups and add the users to those groups, and then restrict openfire to that group.

Well, it looks like Enterprise just got F/OSSed, so your problem should probably be a non-issue.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Openfire is in the process of being abandoned. :confused:

First off Thanks for the info.

Second, what does F/OSSed mean?

And third, I am assuming the above is some sort of announcement. I don;t see any announcements on the web site, do you have links?


They just sent an e-mail to everyone who got a trial key (that’s me) or bought it AFAICT.

F/OSS = Free/Open Source Software

this is news to me. I would love to hear if this is official and how it affects the enterprise version since we pay right now.