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How find IP of a JID online

In the interface, page session we can see for each online JIDs the public IP…

How could I get that from an external application, could we store it in the wildfire database (mysql)???



you could access the admin console with curl or wget or any other HTTP client library and get the IP address.

XEP-0133: Service Administration allows to gather the IP address via XMPP, but I don’'t know if this is already supported by Openfire.

You could also write a plugin similar to the presence plugin to make the IP address available via HTTP.



What i’'m trying to find a way is that i can find in a table two information:

ip for users online and if online or not !! because jivepresence is not completed in all case !!

Any Idea


Hi Roland,

the IP address and the online status are both non-persistent informations, so you will not find them in the database.



I have an self interface where a select a customer so I see list of his rosters but would like to know if present of not and ideally IP…

Is it easy to adapt openfire to store those info ??


Sure you can do that but only by writing your own Openfire plugin that stores this information.


Do you know somebody able and ready to write that?


just drop me a private message if you are interested

A PlugIn has been developped to store Ip and Online/Offline Status in database

Version 1.0.0 of the User Status Plugin for Openfire 3.3.2 is available under GPL for download.

Thanks to Restomax for sponsoring its development.

Note: Rename the plugin jar file to user-status.jar before deploying it to the plugin folder of Openfire.