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How i get all the user for my roster list?

Hi, i’m using the Claros Chat with Smack API running on Openfire, i’m need to show all the users off the Openfire (not only my friends but all the users), how i can do that?

Thanks for the help , and sorry for the English

For security reasons, a user can’t see users that he isn’t subscribed to. You can see al members of a (shared) group, so that might be a way. Othersie, a server side plugin could publish the inforamtion, but your users might not appreciate it.

Op3racional how i can see all the user in a shared group? What Open Fire plugin i can use to do it?

Thanks for the Help ^^

PS: The request of all users seen each other came for the users .

All members of a group can see each other, just add them.

How? i need to add one by one? or i need to configure the openfire?

You do this through the admin console (for existing users) or one of the registration plugins (for new users).