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How is chat Id generated and used


I am new to wildfire/jiveChat. I am trying to understand how is chat ID generated and also how its used. Is it used to track anything. I see a random number generator to generate the chat ID.

Any info will be appreciated


Hey srinivasan,

The chat ID (i.e. threadID) is generated by the client that initiates a new conversation. Messages exchanged between the affected users should keep the same threadID so that clients can easily figure out which message belongs to which window. The threadID is usaully a random generated string. Also note that threadID is an optional feature.

Having said that, I think that most of the clients out there do not generate or keep received threadIDs. So we had to make some modifications to Smack (yes, this is a client issue not a server one) in order to make it smarter and when a message does not have a threadID then it checks if there are other Chats with the same person going on and then adds the message to the newest (probably the active) chat.

Hope that helps.


– Gato