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How is group chat set up?

I’'m certain that this is an extremely rudimentary question, but here goes…

We have a chat server set up running Wildfire 3.2.3 on Window XP, and almost all clients are running iChat on Mac OS 10.4.8. All users are running the Jabber protocol exclusively.

How does one initiate a group chat? I’‘ve tried setting up groups in WildFire, but I’‘m obviously missing something, as I can’'t seem to initiate a group chat from within iChat.


Jason Wren

Hey Jason,

Groups configuration on the server side is unrelated to group chat conversations (aka Multi User Chat). I’'m not an iChat user but I just checked in iChat and the way I found to join a group chat room was to use File --> Go To Chat. In the dialog just enter the address of the room (e.g. myroom@conference.jivesoftware.com). I was not able to find a way to browse for existing chat rooms on the server. Not sure if you can invite users once you are in a room.


– Gato

I had set up wildfire a while back and had to take it down because users could not set up group chats- the broadcast/annoucement wouldn’‘t appear on iChat clients. Has this changed in the Openfire? Do group chats actually work on ichat initiation and recipients? If so I’'ll definitely switch from tiger server built in jabber . . .