How know all resource for One User. (SPARKWEB)


I’m use sparkweb for my project and it’s very important that the user see all resource for contact. I see a variable resource in the abstractJID source code but she’s not use for the creation of the roster item.

It is possible to know all resource for One User. Exemple :




and when i pass my mouse on “toto”, i see Home / dev / test.

i can post you a screenShot with a other client.

And how is implemented.




=>Ressource[0] = “home”

=>Ressource[1] = “test”


=>Ressource[0] = “home”


And with this hierarchy, it’s so easy to acces all resource for One User.

For the time, i’m analyze the source code to find where is the bug because, we cannot acces at the resource list in the creation of the roster.

Can you help me to implements that hierarchy please.

Sorry for my very bad english.


do you have the source of SparkWeb? if have, can you send the source zip file to me ? my email is, ths