How make blinking in Spark

How make Spark blinking when new messege is received?

Spark Main window -> File -> preferences -> Taskbar flashing.

I do not see Taskbar flashing in preferences. For what version is it?

2.7.5, 2.7.6, 2.7.7

What operating system? Flashing do not work on Linux (maybe on Mac OS also).

Yes. I do use Linux Mint. Can it work in next versions?

And how make new message more notable for user?

Activate the Play sound when a new message arrives.

Notification option: Show toast popup etc.

Леонід wrote:

Yes. I do use Linux Mint. Can it work in next versions?

[SPARK-434] Minimized chat window doesn’t blink on new message in Linux - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Nobody is working on that. Spark project doesn’t have dedicated developers working on it full time. Just a few volunteers.

vine and the windows version maybe

Show toast popup works. But wine and the windows version says: “Invalid username or password” when I sure that is right.

What version do you try in wine? If it’s 817 build, then try 816. 817 has Smack update which doesn’t work at the moment.

If you are using 2.7.7. Then try 2.7.5 version. Some users have login problems with Java 1.8.0_74 and newer. Maybe this issue is also when using via wine. Ignite Realtime: Download Landing

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