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How many users can Openfire handle?


I´d like to know how many users can Openfire handle in other words which server load is possible. Assuming someone would use Openfire for a similar service like meebo.com or ebuddy.com which have millions of users. I can´t imagine that Openfire could do this too or what do you think?

And even if Openfire would have no limits for registered and active users - there exists no server cluster solution for Openfire (like eJabberd has). Is this correct?

Does anyone know which jabber server ebuddy and meebo use?

Thanks a lot…

Hi lindstrom,

You are right, it seems clustering is not yet available with Openfire.

I found an easy way to check what software the XMPP server I am connected to is using:

Connect with the Psi client and do a Service Discovery.

The root of the service tree it will display to you will tell you what software they use.

As for ebuddy and meebo.com, they don’'t even publish SRV records, so their focus is about providing gateways to AOL, MSN and ICQ through and ad-laden website than providing XMPP services.

Most of the public servers I know of are using ejabberd.

Thanks for your reply. I often read about eJabbered - is it more powerful than Openfire (apart from the clustering option) or why they all use eJabberd?

And are there any recommended limits for registered and active users?

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Openfire supports connection managers.

Each connection manager should handle at least five thousand concurrent users.


A clustering solution is being worked on right now that will allow Openfire to scale to several hundred thousand concurrent users per node (or more- last I spoke about this with Gato it was still in development, still no official numbers yet). My understanding is this uses a professional clustering solution, and thus will not be free. Perhaps Gato or Matt can chime in with more details on this.

Without the clustering stuff, the connection managers can handle several thousand users each, but a lot will depend on what your individual system can handle. Do you have certain requirements you need to meet?

No, it was just for my interest. I thought about that and asked me how many webservers meebo and others have in use and how they cluster their jabber servers on all these webservers…

That was my intention and in the next step I asked me whether Openfire could handle this too. In other words whether Openfire is as powerful as eJabberd…?!