How many users to bear?

Excuse me, jive messenger is on the ordinary machine, is it at the same time online how many users to bear? When will there be support of S2S function?

Quoting Matt from the chat yesterday:

Matt: yep – JM isn’‘t the best solution for more than thousands of concurrent users yet. We’'ll need a traffic routing protocol to scale further (which we have some JEP ideas for)


an alpha version of s2s is available in the nightly builds. you’‘ll have to ask the developers themselves when it will be released with the stable. I’'m going to go out on a limb and predict the next version of the stable release, but check back to see if Matt or one of the others in the Dev Group agrees with me or laughs heartily at me.

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I’'m not one of the developers but I think I can provide a bit of clarification on a couple of issues. A “traffic routing protocol” and s2s are two somewhat different things. Traffic routing is a way to form a sort of cluster to support large number users on one domain; do a search for “clustering” in these forums for more details. s2s (server-to-server) as its name implies, is designed to allow servers to talk to one another across different domains.

Last I heard s2s is planned for the version 2.2 which will come out sometime after 2.1.4 is released.

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How many online users period can be born the weight of at most Could you tell me and test? windows 2003 + mssql 2000

How many online users period can be born the weight

of at most Could you tell me and test? windows 2003 +

mssql 2000

It’‘s going to depend a lot on much memory and processing power you have available to you. With the proper hardware a thousand online users should be achievable, but that’‘s only a somewhat educated guess. I’‘m working on a project with Messenger where I’'m going to need to simulate a large amount of traffic, users signing on and off, sending messages, etc. If/when I get some sort of “stress-tester” written I might be able to get a better idea of how much load Messenger can take.

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Thank you very much.

I hoped JM can stably develop, I can always use JM.

Best blessing For you and JM .

Has anyone tried IDX-Tsunami? It looks promising as a benchmarking/load-testing tool for Jabber.

Hey Cameron,

You just beat me. I was going to suggest using the Tsunami tool for stress testing. Other tool that may be used is the coversant stress test tool. If anyone is able to setup any of these tools, I’'m willing to help running any stress test, profiler and finally improve the server performance.


– Gato

Thanks for tool recommendations guys. I’'ll have to check them out.