How much does the hardware needed for the openfire server?

Hello,my friends. What the typical hardware configuration of your server? I set it up and only 3-4 client connection eat up all the resource(memory,CPU power) of the server? How to reduce that? Is that OK to run openfire with apache server hosting the website?

You should be able to run Openfire for a low-volume server comfortably on a single-core processor with 512MB of ram minimum (dual-core + 1GB recommended). Most of the memory will be taken up by the Java runtime in that case.

My own low-volume server is running on a budget CentOS VPS with 1GB of ram without breaking a sweat. I’ve previously run it on an old Pentium-4 Windows box with 768MB of ram without any issues as well. I don’t know what the specs of your box are, but it should run fine in a low spec machine (by today’s standards anyway)

For the website part I strongly recommend nginx if you are low on resources. Apache is a terribly slow behemoth in comparison that will eat your memory like M&Ms

Thanks a lot and that is really helps! I would try with separate sever! Thanks!