How *NOT* to disconnect user on connection disconnect

Hi all,

I’m writing a mobile client for Openfire. The most common problem with mobile clients is that they tend to disconnect very frequently mainly because of limited availability of network at some places. Currently, openfire logs out the user if connection disconnects, this is not idle for mobile clients. I want to wait for some time, say 1 or 2 mins, and give client a chance to reconnect back before logging him out.

I looked into the code but it seems that i can’t override the default behavior using some plugin instead i’ve to modify the openfire src itself. Just curious if someone has already tried this or have a better idea on how to go about this.

Try creating xmpp.client.idle system property and setting it to some high value (in miliseconds). It is better to restart a server after that.

xmpp.client.idle is used to close client connection from server side is it remains idle for ‘x’ amount of time(mins, i guess). This is not what i need, i need to change the behavior of what happens when a connection gets closed from client side.

omg, i desperatly looking for the solution to this question as well

im ahving same difficulties with mobile clients, the android/galaxy native browser to be correct