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How owner can unsubscribe follower from the pubsub node


I am not able to unsubscribe the follower from my pub sub-node.
Let m explain the scenario-

User A is an owner of the pub-sub “xyz”.

User B is subscribed to the “xyz” node.

and now user A want to unsubscribe the user B from his pub-sub “xyz”.

Is it possible?
if possible then how can i do this?

Looking at the XEP, I don’t think this is possible right away. You could however chose a different Access Model for your PubSub node.

Should be possible as per the spec:


<iq type='set'
  <pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#owner'>
    <subscriptions node='princely_musings'>
      <subscription jid='bard@shakespeare.lit' subscription='none'/>

Ah, haven’t seen that. Extemporaneously I can’t tell, if Smack is able to do this, but its possible.