How retrieve Chat History using Java Smack library from openfire server?

After installing Open Archive plugin in the Openfire server I can see the chat conversation between two user from the openfire admin panel which is pretty easy and that is web based too. Now I want to retrive those conversation or chat history from chat client application(written in java) where I’ve used Smack library. I didn’t found any helpfull resource for that. Any advice will be helpfull.

Why nobody is replying of this question. I even asked the same question on stackoverflow and finally realized that the question will be more valueable if I post on igniterealtime, but unfortunately I found nothing solution

Neither XEP-313: Message Archive Management nor XEP-0136 Archive Messaging are currently implemented in Smack. The corresponding JIRA issues in our tracker are SMACK-625 and SMACK-435.

Although the functionality is not offered by Smack, Smack does offer the tools for someone to add functionality. We welcome contributions!

hi Dhiren Hamal,

Have you soloved the problem yet? I faced the same probolem with your’s.pls give me some helpful suggestions,thanks~

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