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How send file from android client(Conversations) to a pc client?

Hi there,

i’m a newbie, i’ve just installed openfire on my machine, created some users, and set some pc clients (pidgin). Now i want to be able to send file (all kind of stuff from images to pdf) from a smartphone/tablet client to a pc client or another smart device. Is there a simple and clear way to do that?


What is your question? How to send files with Conversations client? Then this is a question for Conversations support (if there is one). As far as i know Conversations can send pictures and files (in a 3 dots menu on top), but it can only select files from the downloads folder (at least on my tablet).

The question is (and i think is server related):

How to send file from conversation to pidgin using openfire?

Why i’m asking this?

Because in conversations i select the file to send, but in pidgin i don’t receive any kind of notification and the file in conversations waits someone to accept the transfer… I think is a openfire question, am i wrong?

File transfers usually are peer to peer based. It can fallback to sending through the server (if the server acts like a file transfer proxy) if every p2p option fails. I’m able to send files between two Conversations clients connected to Openfire server. File transfer between Spark and Conversations doesn’t work (because of issues in Spark). I don’t remember if i ever tried to send files between Conversations and Pidgin. I think i have only tried Gajim-Conversations duo and it worked. Maybe even older Spark version worked (i don’t have my notes with me). Most probably it’s the client issue. Check Openfire logs and check if you see anything related.

Here is the log entry:

2017.04.12 13:10:20 WARN [socket_c2s-thread-8]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.IQRouter - User tried to authenticate with this server using an unknown receipient: 234012test.png