How should I start in getting the Openfire web administration panel connected with IIS?

I use IIS on my Windows Server; with mostly applications, and so I would like to get Openfire’s web control panel hosted through a connector to IIS, to allow for better integration between the Java Application server and the windows web server to ensure that I can integrate the Java Admin panel seemlessly in to my existing environment. I know that I will probably have to compile from source for this, which is fine with me, but I’ll need a little guidance; which IIS connectors for Java are supported, if any, how can I integrate the Java control panel into an environment that is made mostly of .net applications? Thanks.

And I just realized that I should probably say that I am on Windows server 2008 R2 hoping to upgrade to Windows Server 2012.

I can’t give you any directions how to do this (don’t even know if it is possible), but i’m just curious why do you need this? Openfire has its own internal web service (Jetty) which runs together with Openfire’s main service and hosts Admin Console, so you can access it via browser. So you would probably want to disable this web server also in the source (it will take resources and do nothing otherwise), then somehow make IIS work with jsp pages (not sure, but sounds impossible) or reprogram whole thing into asp language? This is just sounds insane and i wonder what’s the purpose for this, just to have it integrated into some page made with asp? Or you just don’t want something running on jsp in your environment?

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It has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t want JSP running in my environment; (though having to integrate two disperate technologies, Java and .NET, is proving rather difficult)it’s just that I cannot find any other XMPP server who’s features I like than this one, so I’m stuck using it in it’s Java form until I can port it over to the .net framework. But I think I know how I’m going to work this out; I’m using HelikonZoo, which is a set of modules in IIS that embed the Jetty server into IIS, so I’ll take Openfire’s source code, disable the embedded version of Jetty within, recompile the web app for administration as a .war file, and then have it integrated as a site on IIS with the rest of the sites on there. And I’m rather curious, if the fastpath plugin is a Java web application, why isn’t the administration plugin also a .war archive?