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How to acccess fastpath plugins after installed on openfire


  • I am install openfire server on Ubuntu 18.04 lts server.
  • After that i am installed on plugins “fast path”
    on openfire server.
  • Question is how can i access fast path


If you mean configuration, then you should see Fastpath menu on the top row in Openfire’s web Admin Console.

Hello, Thank you for your response.
I mean I am install fastpath from plugins ans also configure that

  1. Create one workgroup
  2. Add two users in that workgroup

Now question is how can is access(login) that workgroup/users (How can i use fastpath)

Prashant :slight_smile:

You have to use a client supporting Fastpath or workgroups as it is called per standards. I know only one client - Spark. Although Fastpath is buggy in Spark and in general in Openfire as nobody has worked on it for many years.