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How to access Registration attributes from a smack client?

Hi there!

We use AccountManager in smack to register users over XMPP. Upon registration they supply some account attributes, like e-mail and name. It woks according to XEP-0077.

Code is like that:

AccountManager am = new AccountManager(connection);
            Map<String, String> attributes = new HashMap<String, String>();
            attributes.put("username", username);
            attributes.put("password", password);
            attributes.put("email", email);
            attributes.put("name", fullname);             am.createAccount(username, password, attributes);

And afterwards any user can access his own attributes via

new AccountManager(connection).getAccountAttribute("email");

But the XEP standart says nothing about accessing these account attributes for other users.

The VCard info retreived from the server has nothing common with data supplied during the registration.

So is there any custom protocol extention in the Openfire that can hadle this? Or is there any other way one can access info for other users?