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How to access Whack Project?

How can I access the project resources of Whack, includes sources, documents, etc.


You can use a CVS access to get all the project resources.


cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@jivesoftware.org:/cvs-org login

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@jivesoftware.org:/cvs-org co whack

CVS Password: anonymous


– Gato

but not able to asscess!

It appears that either cvs is offline or there is a problem with the anonymous user account.




You are right. There is a problem in CVS which I’'m now fixing. This is the error message reported by eclipse:

The server reported an error while performing the “cvs checkout” command.

: cvs checkout: failed to create lock directory for `/cvs-org/whack’’ (/cvs-org/whack/#cvs.lock): Permission denied

: cvs checkout: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/cvs-org/whack’’

: cvs : read lock failed - giving up


– Gato

Hey guys,

The problem has been fixed so you can try again.


– Gato

thanks !

Occur I/O Error :, /cvs-org/whack: not such repository

Do you have a comma before /cvs-org? You should be able to access the Whack code with a link like this one: :pserver:anonymous@jivesoftware.org:/cvs-org/whack


– Gato

CVS Address:


not able to access! why?

Which CVS client are you using? Can you see the returned error?


– Gato

I’‘m afraid I’'m running into some problems trying to connect to the CVS:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@jivesoftware.org:/cvs-org login

Logging in to :pserver:anonymous@jivesoftware.org:2401:/cvs-org

CVS password: *********

cvs : connect to jivesoftware.org:2401 failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

I was using ‘‘anonymous’’ as the CVS password.

I’‘m using TortoiseCVS 1.8.18 (which should be the latest stable release at the moment). I’'ve tried to connect trough both the GUI and the commandline interface. Both generate a similar error.

== UPDATE ==

Alrighty then, I missed the part where you announced the move from CVS to SVN.

svn http://svn.jivesoftware.org/svn/repos/whack/trunk seems to hold useful information

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Check out:


Much easier to on the eyes than viewsvn