How to add an asterisk server

hello all!

I am looking for how to add an asterisk server in the asterisk-IM?

I know that my port is 5038 but I am not shure about my username and my password!

Is it in the file manager.conf of asterisk?

how can I do?

than you

in the manager.conf,

create a section like this:


secret =

read = system, call, log, command, user

In the above example, ‘‘wildfire’’ is your username and ‘‘’’ is your password.

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I have done it

but when i click ‘‘create server’’, it said created succesfull, and i can see on Asterisk shell that my manager is connect. but in wildfire, my server isn’'t add!



Assuming you’‘re using the latest ‘‘beta’’ version, there’'s a problem with the SQL scripts included in the install. (It was mentioned previously here:

I personally modified my tables by hand, and got the plugin up and running, but was running into problems with the ‘‘on the phone’’ notiifcations working in a opposite mannor so I decided to uninstall and hold off until the official release comes out.