How to add many users into a group?

I’m using Openfire 3.6.1. Use LDAP for authentication with local group management.

The problem is that it seems like that it doesn’t support adding many users by seperating them with “,” which works when I use local user and group management.

Any tips is welcome and thanks in advance.

You could try the Helga bot.Use an command like this:

group add -g "GroupName" -U

Usernames are separated by whitespaces (e.g. space or newline)

However, Helga was not designed to work with LDAP.

Just FYI. This was possible out of the box with the older server versions. Though, i think it was “;” as a divider. Not sure. I have created a Jira ticket for this issue some time ago

Thanks guys for your help.

I think I will just add them one by one…