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How to add members to a group chat room?

I am trying to add members to a chat room called “dansroom”. This room is members only. I am also on the admin list of the room. I am trying to add other members to the room, but I can’'t get Wilfire to successfully accept my requests, unless I join the room first, then make the requests.

Do I always have to join a room first to make modifications to the rooms member list?


There might be some Wildfire specific way around it, but at the protocol level, creating the room and joining the room are basically the same operation.



Notice how Example #127 (off of the second link) and Example #17 (from the first link) are exactly the same! So, according to the JEP, to create the room you enter it, then configure it.

Hi Dan,

I wonder what you want to do. You post your Q in the Wifi dev forum, and we all know that one can use the web console to configure a room and using it one does not enter any room.

So there is a way to configure the rooms without joining them if one is not using an XMPP client but a (self-written) Wifi plugin or the web admin console.


I should have mentioned I am using my own XMPP client (self-written) to modify the members of a MUC room. I am aware that the admin console does it. It does appear that I need to join the room first to do any modifications or get any information on the room.

I can now modify the members affiliations of a room, but trying to modify ‘‘owner’’ or ‘‘admin’’ affiliations gives me back a 400 error - bad-request. I know I must be of type owner of the room to set any other user as a owner, but WildFire isn’'t accepting any of my requests.

Any ideas?



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