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How to add new column in "ofmessagearchive" table?

I am using 4.2.3 openfire.
I want to add new column in “ofmessagearchive” table.
When send message and store to database when in value in new column.
How to do it ?
Help me…

You would need to modify the schema and add code in openfire? maybe a more basic question is what do you need to store in the database?

Yes, I need to store int value.
How can i modify schema and where to add code in openfire ?

The int value representing what attribute of the message?

It representing user type.
In our requirements there are 6 types of user so i have to add that particular column.

If your additional information is user specific, would it not be better to store that information with the users? The JDBCUserProvider allows, with some config required, you to store your user information in a database table of your choice. Configure that, and add the required field to that table.


@gdt thanks.
but i have to store that info to “ofmessagearchive” so please help me to overcome my issue.

Without knowing your exact circumstances, unless your deploying many instances it’s probably easier to simply add the column using your preferred DB tool.