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How to add users using Domain Group in Spark?

I was able to add user from Active Directory in Spark. However, instead of adding the user one by one, is it possible to just search the domain group and add its members in Spark? Thanks.

You can’t search for groups in Spark. But you can share groups in Openfire’s Admin Console, so they will automatically appear for users in Spark.

It worked. However, not all members of the domain group are visible. Any thoughts? In addition, is there a way to export and import the contact list just like ListHandler of Pidgin?

I’m not familiar with AD integration. Probably depends on how you created AD query or search query during setup. Maybe @speedy will have some advice.

There is no export option in Spark. Openfire has export plugin, but it is meant to import into another server, not for users. Why do you need it though?

this is how I handle groups. you should be able to tweak this method for your needs

let me know if you have any questions.