How to akses instant messenger from cell phone

Dear all,

I have implement wildfire server and spark as instant messenger client. Next i need my user by using their cell phone can login to wildfire too.

Any suggestion?? or can u tell me what instant messenger for cell phone have full support with wildfire (XMPP).

Please help me…

I am using IM+ on my Blackberry…

I am using IM+ on my Blackberry…

We will be releasing somthing called ‘‘Chat Buddy’’ in the next week or two. It works with wildfire and supports pretty much any midp2 phone. You should be able to use this to connect to your wildfire server and chat from phone 2 phone, pc to phone and phone to pc. I will post another thread once its up for download. There will be a free trial and the cost should end up being around $10 a year…

Wow…the good jobs…

Can you describ here, what is “chat buddy” ???

how its work? what its need for running?

can i send message from PC to phone like send sms, i mean do not need GPRS connection?

Please help me…


Can u give me alternate way for my solution?? Because i dont have blackberry services…



No need to wait, check this out. We developed this one and will work with wildfire, the service is currently free as of this time but once commercialized the subscription will be a dollar a month or $10 a year. It has version for Symbian S60 and J2ME MIDP2 phones.

wow the good idea…

I have download and install your application to my mobile (SE z530i). Now, i can connected to your server only, if i want connect to Other IM service and then setting account for login to my server like this :

user : user@server:port.

ex :

and then fill host with ip address of my wildfire server. After complete i try to login but i get message : Sorry IM service not yet support.

I decide to try connect from my mobile to my wildfire server without login to your server first. How to i do it…?

Please help me.



Once logged in, just select Add Contact NOT the Select IM List, from there put the no port number requires. This will connect to your own Wildfire server.

The Select IM list is for Yahoo and MSN only, the Add Contact is for IM server that connects through XMPP protocol like Google.


When u releasing something called ‘‘Chat Buddy’’ for connect to my XMPP server from cell phone…?

I am waiting for testing your “Chat Buddy”

Thanks in Advance