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How to "ant release"?

Ok, I’m working on going through the “Customize Sparks look and feel” and I get to the “ant release” part and I realize I have no idea what “ant release” is and have no clue how I am supposed to run this. Can anybody help?

I’ve now added wording in that document saying that the instructions assume that you have Apache Ant installed on your computer, and that “ant release” should be run from a command line. I’ve also added an apache_ant tag to that document.

Thanks for that but I still think I am missing something. I downloaded apache ant but it seems like it isn’t for windows. Is this something I even need? My environment is totally windows and I’m not using apache anywhere, so what exactly does apache ant do and how do I use it in windows environment? Thanks again for the help.

This isn’t an Apache Ant forum. I suggest you look on the Apache Ant site to find out what it is and how it works. It doesn’t matter that you are using Windows and that you aren’t using Apache for anything.