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How to archive logs to alternative location?

Hi ,

I am using Openfire 3.6.0 on RHEL 5 OS. I have installed Monitoring plugin for gathering Chat statistics and Data. However after certain period, when number of archived messages increases, Openfire server requires more JAVA Memory as a result Openfire server gets crashes frequently.

For this reason, I want to regularly arcvhive messages to some alternative location so that i can manage with existing memory. How can i do that ??


Ajay Rathod

Hi Ajay,

are you using the embedded database? Then How to purge message archive in non-MySQL configuration may be interesting for you.



Thanks for your reply. Can i create a new Openfire.script after certain period so that i an delete previous logs and start generating new logs everytime ??


Openfire does store there also other information. So you must not delete it. Anyhow you can make a copy of it (to keep the archived logs) and then delete some “INSERT INTO …” lines which are used for archiving while Openfire is not running and then start it again.

Anyhow I wonder how easy you can access old archived logs - so using another database would be much better.