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How to ask Openfire server to forward only text messages


Hi, I am working to implement MAM on Smack client. I can retrieve past messages (text or image) from server chat archive. In order to save bandwidth, I would like server to only forward text messages and not images.

If I use MamManager.MamQueryResult mamQueryResult = mamManager.page(form, rsmSet), the server will start forwarding every messages including large image files, this will take up bandwidth especially when there are many images stored in server archive. So my question is how to ask server to only forward text messages.

The client can have the option to download the large image file whenever client like to view the image.


Really no one could answer me on this?

I just need to know XEP-0313 can allow client query a list of past message type, either normal message or image.

Appreciate any reply!


XEP-0313 does not specify a way to do that, but the XEP itself is extensible so that it is feasible to add such an option.

Also, this is not really a Smack related question.


Thanks for reply!

When you say it is feasible to add such an option, do you mean only XEP-0313 developers community can do that in the upgraded version or anyone can do that?

Actually I am working on client Smack. To work on Smack for MAM, I need to know a bit about the XEP-0313 features.