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How to audit or archive file transfers?

I am surprised there is no way to audit or archive file transfers via OpenFire.

I would accept filename, sender, and receiver - not necessarily to archive.

Anyone know how to do this?

We want to leave file transfers enabled but need to know how to audit them.



I want to know how to do this too…

any hint?

best regards,

-eduardo s.m.

I am also looking for a way to do this…

you would need to create a new plugin for openfire or figure out how to modify the monitoring plugin.

maybe FileTransferInterceptor.class can help you.

but things that FileTransferInterceptor can do is limited.

is any decision ?

I am also looking to do this…

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this as well.

Implimenting internal system and has been requested that we audit file transfer’s and if not then disable them.

Don’t really want to turn off functionality.