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How to auto accept file transfer?

Hello all!

I use Openfire for my jabber server, it works well, but it have a problem: how to let the client auto accetp the file transfer , do not need to manually accept?


This is not a server problem, especially because simple file transfer is going client-to-client without the server involved. What client do you use? If you are using Spark then there is no such option yet. If you are using different client, then you should ask in that client support site/forums.


I use spark and pandion for client.

Pandion is probably not a very active project right now, so i doubt you will have this feature added (unless it already exists). As about Spark, i’m considered about the security impact. Automatical acceptance of file downloads could be very harmful these days. So i think this shouldnt be added in the client itself, but it would be better to have a plugin, which will enable this feature. Also there could be an option where you will have to select from what people transfers should be auto accepted.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m just thinking aloud and i’m not saying this will be implemented. There are not many programmers right now working on Spark. So, unless you’ll find a programmer, who will code for you such a plugin (or custom Spark version), i won’t be hoping to see this feature soon.

Thank you for your reply, I understand, why does not has this feature.