How to automatically authorize users for group access?

First, I’‘m very new to wildfire (2 days) so Keep it simple for me - i’'m learning!

My question has to do with authorizing users to use wildfire. We’'re using a variety of clients (Im thinking about switching to spark, but we let our users use whatever they want)

When a user connects for the first time, they’‘re not authorized and I need to manually add them to the group. Is there a way to automate this? i’‘m already using the registration plugin - but don’'t see a way to do this automatically.

I’‘m using wildfire version 2.6.2 using a local sql db. Unless there’'s a significant reason to upgrade to 3.0.1 I may just leave it as is, since this is not a hi profile issue.

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Registration plugin should do this automaticly

that is what I thought - but its not working like that. I guess I may try setting up a test server with version 3.0.1 and see where that takes us

Well, i was testing it a while ago, maybe even with 2.x.x version. Was working. Will try it at home with 3.1.0 alpha. Can you describe all the steps?

steps for what?

How you setup this automatic registration, what options is enabled on Server, what group specified and so on. Just to be sure.

Thats what I’‘m asking - I’'m not sure. This is my first endeavor into wildfire - I didnt setup the server. It looks like the previous employee wrote his own kerberos script to authenticate with LDAP. Could be causing some issues but Im not sure.

I don’'t know how to enable the users to be added to the group automatically - other than i set the “default group” to my ISD group (the only group we have currently)

Hi Matt,

When a user connects for the first time, they’'re not authorized and I need to manually add them to the group. Is there a way to automate this?

If I understood it right, you actually want to allow anybody to register with Wildfire. This has got nothing to do with the Registration Plugin.

To allow anybody to register you need to enable this via Wildfire Admin Console, specifically under Server tab. Click on Registration & Login link on the sidebar. Then Click on Enabled - Users can automatically create new accounts and save the setting.

Choosing whether to register or to login with existing account are totally up to users. It’‘s the IM clients’’ function. To register as new user on Spark, click on Accounts button. Other IM clients have other ways to register.

Please excuse me if that’'s not what you want.


Thanks for all of your help!

This unfortunately did not fix my problem - I changed that setting, and signed in with my domain test account and it was not automatically added to the group.

My issue is this: when a user logs in the first time, I want him to be added to the group. I dont have users registering because we’'re using ADauth. So essentially here is the process I want.

user downloads any jabber client

user connects to our jabber server, using their domain username/password

user is added to the domain group so other users can now see them online


mellman wrote:

When a user connects for the first time, they’'re not authorized

aznidin, could be Maybe this is the case when a user is trying to create an account but not actually trying to connect with already existing account. Mellman? Then Inbound Registration is the right option to enable.

If this is not the case, then… LDAP, not in my competence. But as much as i know tiying Wildfire with LDAP and sharing group handling is a bit different than common setup. Mellman, so you have edited you wildfire.xml to pull your users from LDAP to Wildfire? I may be wrong but you cant use shared groups when using LDAP, maybe that’‘s why Registration plugin is not working. Anyway, it works with 3.1.0 Alpha. “Enable automatically adding of new users to a group” should be checked in plugin’'s option.

You could try to contact Ryan (plugin’'s author) via IM or email

Well - as much as i want to say - screw it - and just use the new version - I’‘d like to both figure out how to do it, and also I’'m having issues getting the new version working too (on a separate box!)

Thanks for all of your help though guys!

I’‘m not using LDAP shared groups, i am ONLY using LDAP to authenticate the username and password, that is all. If i manually add the user to the ISD group all works fine and dandy, but…I’'d rather not have to do this when we decide to deploy this throughout the entire company.

So let me re-clarify my question and my situation:

I’'m running wildfire 3.0.1 - using LDAP for user authentication, this is all working fine.

Now I want each user to be added to the shared group. Are shared groups useable while using LDAP for authentication? I guess at this point it may be easier to just not use LDAP then…


I’'m having the same issue with the default group. Followed all the instructions for the Registration plugin but it just wont play ball.

BTW i am successfully authing from a separate MySQL DB.

Maybe the Registration is closely coupled to Authorisation in the code…?