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How to automatically remove ex-employees from spark client

Spark Client 2.5.4

Openfire 3.3.0

I am grabbing users from AD using LDAP. I have a distribution list I pull the users from. If I have an employee leave the company and I remove them from the distribution list, they are removed from the ‘‘user summary’’ in the Openfire Admin Console. This is exactly how I think it should work.

The Client’'s, on the other hand, are not removing them. Maybe this is by design. We are using this internally only so I want the spark rosters to stay up-to-date with my additions and removals without having all our employees do it manually. Can this be done?



sounds like its a buddy list issue, similar to other IM clients.

example, if i have a friend called user@msn.com, and he deletes his account, he will still show up on my buddy list. know what i mean?

Looks like the same sort of thing. Except, in this case I didn’'t go to each client and add all our company users. Connecting to the server populates the list. If I look at “Offline Group” I can see all my offline employees as well as the ones I have deleted from the server. I was hoping that since the list autopopulated it would also auto-un-populate.


i believe the auto-populate just adds the people to the users buddy list. everytime they connect they get all new/current users added (if not already there) to their list. but it wont remove anyone from the buddylist.

Right. That’‘s exactly how it’‘s working now. I want to know if there’'s a way to keep it in sync.

Preferably, I would like to have our “Employees” group read only for our users. Completely controlled by the Openfire server.

All of our users are remote and working through a Windows 2003 terminal server. One possible solution would be to locate where those groups are stored for each user. If the lists autopopulate, I could write a script that removes the “Employees” group whenever I make a change and the next time they login they would get the latest.

If anyone knows if that would work or has any thoughts on that please respond.



i’‘m not sure how it would integrate into your setup, as i’‘m using a windows domain instead of AD, but you never know. I use shared groups to manage my users’’ rosters and the delete user feature on the server works like a charm. users appear and disappear form the roster in realtime.

the only pain for me is that i have to manually manage the groups.

AD=Active Directory. We are using the same setup.

I have my users in groups as well. If you look at the administration console the users are removed from the groups but they still show up in the spark client.

If they aren’'t for you, what version of the server/client are you using?


This issue does seem to be a client side problem as when I use spark 2.5.6 the shared roaster is updated as AD users are removed but Pidgin 2.1.1 does not. Is there a way to force this from the server side?

I do believe this is a client side issue. The server hands off rosters to the client, they all seem to auto add correctly. It is definitely the remove that seems lacking. Some remove correctly some don’t.

I have same setup here. Once I removed the employee from the distribution list it did remove them from user summary and I also noticed on my pc the user was still listed however over a preiod a time the user “disapeared” on it’s own. I’m not sure if there was some sort of refresh period that needed to take place but I’d say it happen with an hour of removing him from the distribution list but it did work. I may have even stop and started the Openfire server AFTER removing them from the distribution list but I can’t remember. I’m running Openfire (3.3.2) and Spark (2.5.6).


Have you guys tried to delete the servercache (probably the rostercache) and reconnect spark? This should usually make openfire have to read all the AD information again (without the old users). This is not directly “automatic” but at least you don’t have to run to every client.

Cache cleanup probably also explains, why your users disappear after a certain amount of time.

Hey guys…

Cleaning the server cache cant solve the problem cause its a Clint side prob. I tried to delete the User settings under c:\dokuments and settings\spark.

But the Contaktlist is just the same.

Anyone already solved the prob?


Anyone knows wer Spark saves the contacts? Searched all files with wingrep for an name of my contacts. But nothing found. Or are they propably crypted?