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How to block messaging between certain users?

Hi! My name is Luiz. I’m a network administrator in a University in the south of Brazil (Blumenau).

I manage a network with 50+ users. We have 5 or more teachers, some staff, and 45 students.

I want a IM server/client for internal use. The problem is, the students shouldn’t be allowed to message between them - or else chaos will reign.

Is there any way to accomplish that with Openfire? I looked for permissions and/or security on the instance of Openfire that I installed and I couldn’t find it. If not possible, can someone suggest me an alternative (OpenSource if possible) that would let me do that?


You can use Packet Filter Plugin plugin. Still experimental, but does what it should. So you can put your students to one group and then create a rule to Drop or Reject message packets from that group to that group.

Hi Luiz, welcome to Igniterealtime community B-).

Wow, you’re a strict administrator! Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do so in the openfire admin console. If you could do Java programming, I could think of a way to accomplish that: Develop a plugin and register it as a PacketInterceptor. In the plugin, you could check the to and from attributes in a packet. If any one of them isn’t a teacher, drop the packet.

Check out the details in the Plugin Developer Guide.

Oh, I forgot about the new plugin

Hi wr00t. Thanks for your reply. I’ve installed the plugin. I’m playing with it.

Funny thing is that I’ve checked the plugin listed in the Default Windows installation and I couldn’t find this PacketFilter plugin. There’s only a couple of “avaliable plugins”. Now I know where to find other avaliable plugins: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/developers/plugins

Thanks again!

Some day this plugin will make its way to Available plugins page. You can check some of the community plugins here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/developers/plugins