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How to block/unblock a user


I would like to “block” some contacts. It is like the MSN feature that allow a user to see us online or not.



JM-102 (this should please LG )

As you see, server does support privacy lists, so you need a client which does support it too.

In Exodus you can just Block user and you wount hear anything from it. But i’'m not sure if this is not an internal Exodus feature. Or is it really using server side privacy lists support?

UPD: yes, must be Exodus feature, privacy list must be for Invisibility enabling.

I do not want to “become” invisible to ALL users… only to the users I define.

How it is working, have you some samples of stanzas ?


By example…

If I want that the user "marky@myserver.com" will see me as disconnected (or invisible)…

How can I do ?


I dont exactly know how it should work. In Exodus there is an option “Send Invisible” in every user context menu. But that doesnt do anything (Wildfire 2.5.0).

here you can find some stanzas:



I have try to block a user… whithout succes.

I the user “cdemez1” and want to block user “cdemez2”. Like this “cdemez2” will see “cdemez1” as disconnect ? right ?

Here is the message sequence: