How to build Asterisk-IM plugin

Hi all,

Is there any document available to build/compile Asterisk-IM plugin from svn … ?

I have searched through the forum, there is none !!

Appreciate your help in advance …


Santosh M Hulkund

Build requires Apache Ant 1.6.5 ( and Java 1.5.x

  1. Checkout wildfire

svn co wildfire

  1. Checkout asterisk-im

svn co asterisk-im

  1. cd asterisk-im/server/build

  2. ant jar

Use the asterisk-im.jar version, the jtapi versions are still very experimental. Let me know how it goes.


Sorry to interfere in your thread. I’‘m playing with the Asterisk-IM plugin and I’'ve tried to build it following your instructions. I have no problem at all with wildfire but when I try to compile the asterisk plugin I end up with the following error:


Created dir: /var/wildfire/asterisk-im/server/target/classes

Compiling 33 source files to /var/wildfire/asterisk-im/server/target/classes

/var/wildfire/asterisk-im/server/src/java/org/jivesoftware/phone/database/Datab cannot find symbol

symbol : method isSQLCommandPart(java.lang.String)

location: class org.jivesoftware.database.DbConnectionManager

if (DbConnectionManager.isSQLCommandPart(line)) {


1 error


/var/wildfire/asterisk-im/server/build/build.xml:75: Compile failed; see the com

piler error output for details.


Perhaps I’‘m missing some classes or libs, but I’'m totally new to this. Could you help me?


well, the latest svn (updated today) fixed that. Thanks!

Is it possible for someone to put on any website a build of current svn? nightly builds would be great.

url= June 15, 2006[/url]


url= June 30, 2006 /url

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