How to build custom Spark install?

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I searched and didn’t see much in the way of directions.

I’m getting ready to deploy a Openfire/Spark solution for work, and we have changed the port that Openfire listens on. I would like to be able to build Spark with the port we use already in the program.

Are there instructions on how I can do this? What tools would I need?



Well, I might say: Look a little bit more. But we are helpful here…

You may want to get someone with Java Swing programming Skill to do deep changes. But most of the properties are easily available (see Spark Also the default port should be there. The most critical part, is the repackaging of the client for redeployment.

If you would lik eto pay back to the community, please review the documents in here and enhance the documents that helped you.

Here is my qucik search result set:

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For hardcore changes:

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