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How to build openfire mavenized code base which automatically deploys all the plugins


Hi, How to build openfire (Maven command) which deploys all the plugins automatically. Tried, “mvn clean install”, “mvn clean package”, mvn clean -P release but no luck.

What is the equivalent of (
ant -f build/build.xml clean openfire plugin -Dplugin=nameofyourplugin) in maven


mvn verify

will compile everything and run all the tests. You can run the newly built server using distribution/target/distribution-base/bin/openfire.sh (or openfire.bat), but unlike the ant build, you’ll have to manually copy a plugin, from src/plugins/[plugin]/target/[plugin].jar, to distribution/target/distribution-base/plugins



First of all I have never heard about maven. So I have no idea about it. So apologies in advance.

Now that plugins are moved to their own repositories - how do I compile them along with openfire? (I have slight modification to plugin)

I downloaded openfire source and found that openfire plugins directory is more or less empty. With just one directory openfire-plugin-assembly-descriptor.

I compiled openfire successfully with “mvn verify”. But it compiled just admin and search module.

I would like modified version of monitoring plugin to be compiled too. How do I do that?

Where do I place the plugins files? What would be directory structure?

If possible please give detailed answer.

Thank you.


For good reasons, the plugins are no longer part of the core Openfire code base. Each has been moved out to it’s own separate GitHub repo (the README probably needs an update!)

To build the monitoring plugin, clone the repo from https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-monitoring-plugin and build it using mvn verify. That will give you a file, target/monitoring-openfire-plugin-assembly.jar. Rename that to simply monitoring.jar and copy it to your ${OPENFIRE_HOME}/plugins folder - deleting any existing monitoring folder.