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How to call a libjingle client from the Smack/Spark application?

Hi fellows,

I do have a very though question to ask: I’‘d like to have called a libjingle client (a C++ application based on the Google’'s Open Source library libjingle) via an application build with Smack.

The problem is that neither applications can voice-communicate when each other. The error is an error-stanza saying the feature is not implemented:

SEND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> : Tue Apr 24 11:51:05 2007

Both clients are capable of the voice-v1 feature and both clients cann voice-communicate with any other login that uses the same application brand (a buddy loged in with Smack can communicate with other buddies logged in with Smack/Spark and a buddy logged in with libjingle client can communicate with other buddies logged in with the same libjingle client).

Any ides for that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


libjingle and Smack jigle uses diferent namespaces, as they don’'t implement the EXACTLY same protocol version.

We hope the interop occurs as fast as possible. But for now, we cannot interop Smack Jingle with Gtalk libjingle.



Thanks Tiago,

so it seems for now I must implement my voice communication either using two Smack/Spark clients or using two libjingle clients…

Could I ask for state maintenance regarding the protocol interoperation you’‘ve mentioned? I’'d like to know when such interoperation goes implemented.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


We don’'t have an exact prevision for that.

As long Jingle is not fully aproved, we and Google may want to wait for a definitive standard to make them interop.