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How to change database?

first,I used embedded db,but now I want to use mysql,how to change database?just use web console or I should modify wildfire.xml manually?if i must modify this xml file,how to do?who can show me the section of using mysql? thanks a lot

btw:the data in database is unimportant.Data-transmitting is not needed

Hi Jagie,

Since you’'re not concerned about your existing data the easiest way to move to MySQL would be to:

  1. Shutdown Wildfire

  2. Change in your wildfire.xml file

  3. Start Widlfire

  4. Go through the setup wizard

Hope that helps,


I want to do the same with SQL Server 2005 Express, but my data is important, any idea haw to copy the embedded DB to SQL?



either you use the import/export plugin or you shutdown Wifi and look at conf/wildfire.script. You should remove the CREATE TABLE / INDEX lines at the top and run the leaving against your SQL server which contains the Wifi schema. I did never test it, but as it is simple SQL it could work fine.