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How to change interface language

Hi folks!

Does anyone know how do I change Spark’'s interface language back to English?

Although I speak Portuguese, I do prefer all my software in English, Spark included.

I’'ve searched around without sucess…

Regards and thanks in advance,


Remove all properties except spark_i18n.properties in %spark_home%/lib/spark.jar/i18n

Is there an easier way that do not involve fixing it everytime a new Spark release is released?

This is quite important for us because we have offices all around Europe and we do not want to support Spark in different languages (and expecially see the status messages on Spark in all the languages known to the world




Spark shows the language of your operating system. Try changing the language of your operating system.



Yes of course, but this is not an option because people wants Windows using the regional settings of their country regarding currency/date format etc…

However we want the application supported centrally by our IT team to be all in English. It’'s the first time I find a sw where the language cannot be chosen by the user.