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How to Change Jabber Icon

I need to change Jabber icon on my openfire IM (that bulb icon) like gtalk icon. Is it possible? If it is, how do i do that?


which icon do you want to exchange? The one which is shown in the TNA when starting Openfire in foreground?


Please see the attachment. In IM client it shows jabber default icon as it’s. Google also use jabber no. But they have their custom icon for that.

I still don’t understand where you want to change the icon. Make a bigger screenshot with the icon, so we can see where it is. Btw, this bulb icon is old and it was replaced in Spark and Kraken (former IM Gateway) plugin with new xmpp icon (www.xmpp.org)

I added the attachment with some more details. I hope now you can understand wht is my issue. Please check the attachement called digsby.gif on my original post.

If you want to change icons in your client, you should ask developer’s of that client. In this case in Digsby forums, as Openfire is not sending any icons to your client. Your client (Digsby) has this bulb icon assigned for jabber accounts.