How to change max num of db. connections

Hi all,

I wonder if I can change the number of max. db connections without restarting the server.

I checked the admin panel, no hope ?


I do not think that you can do it in the web view. Why do you need to change the max number of database connections though?

bcuz our server consistently getting maxDbConnection limit errors when it gets busy.

I dont want to restart the server because it means crashing 2000 users screens at the same time.

That would not be good. Someone else may know how to edit it without restarting the server. This probably doesn’t help much but your clients should reconnect automatically after the server is shutdown and brought back up.

right now this is stored in the openfire.xml. you can edit this file while the server is running but the changes do not take until a reboot. I would edit the file and schedule a reboot for some insane hour.