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How to change the spark logos for resikned version on mac

i have followed according to the below url, but iam unable to change the logos and images for reskinned version on Mac, windows its working fine as InstallJ4 will takecare of evvery thing. But when comming to mac , iam building code with ant build tool. So how to change the custom logos for Mac version.

"For those who are doing a Mac version as well, you need to replace the message.icns file in the src\resources\images file with your program icons. Otherwise, when you install the version on OS X it will continue to show the Spark icon."

iam not getting above, please can anyone help on this. i could see messges.icns file, what should i do in this file. Please explain little bit elabrate.


*Damodar Kumar G.

Hi All,

I have done some work around and fixed this issue. Just create .icns file and name it as message.icns file and replace it in below path ***src\resources\images . *Thats it , u can see , custome logos ** /reskined logo.


Damodar Kumar G.* ****