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How to Change the XMMP Domain Using embedded-db

Hello Everyone,

I need to change the XMMP domain of my server. I’ve read that Openfire does not support domain aliaes so I’m assuming that I’m going to have to

  1. Shutdown the server

  2. Modify the data base.

  3. Modify the server config.

  4. Restart the server.

  5. Ask users to update their client config.

What I would like is some input on how to accomplish step 2. I’m using the embedded-db right now. My plan is to simply do a search and replace on my old domain in the openfire.script file. Am I overlooking something?




you are doing right so far.

I`ve done the same and it worked perfectly. Take a look on: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/28472?tstart=0

-> Also change the xmpp.domain under “Server Properties”


Hi lg,

Thanks for replying to my question, sharing your experience, and pointing me to a topic you started. I’ll proabably be making the update this weekend. I"ll let everyone here know how it goes. Sounds like it should go smoothly though.



Thanks for your help LG. Everything went smoothly with the domain change. I gave you helpful points earlier assuming I could come back later and mark this topic as answered, but, it looks like I can’t change the points now. Sorry about that.