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How to Check if a Message is Unread?


I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that would allow the sender of message to track if their message has been read or not? I have found clients/plugins that implements XEP message receipts in Pidgin (XMP Message Receipts plugin) but that only notifies that a message has been received and not necessarily read.

I am currently using Pidgin clients but would be willing to explore different cliens if need be. Does anyone know if this kind of feature has been implemented either in a specific client or a plugin to a client?


There was a discussion on this topic in May 2013:


And then there’s XEP-0333: Chat Markers (created also in May 2013), therefore might be a result of the discussion. Itt covers read receipts.

But since the specification is quite fresh and still in experimental state, I guess, there aren’t (m)any clients which implement it. (I don’t know any, maybe Facebook does, because they use XMPP and have read receipts).

Even having a manual “OK” or acknowledged button would be helpful. Pidgin did have a plugin option but it was removed. If anyone knows of client/plugin that provides a button that would be something I am interested in seeing as well.


Did you got any solutions for this in openfire.


Next we will need plugins to check, if a receiver has actually UNDERSTOOD the message :smiley: there is no support for chat markers in Openfire (at least there is no Jira ticket and i don’t remember it).