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How to clean uninstall to enable reinstall


I have a weird problem here.

Once i have installed Openfire in my Ubuntu box. I forgot which tutorial i followed but i found the tutorial on the net. Following the tutorial, the installation chose /usr/bin/openfire as the installation path.

One day, suddenly the Openfire is not working. Everyone cannot login using their Spark. So i want to check the admin panel so i just go to the http://localhost:9090 but suddenly the installation screen appear.

That time, i decided to reinstall it because it still new so i empty the database and tried reinstall the Openfire. But now, the installation stuck at the
Database Settings step. I have check the privilleges, used the same credentials when i installed the first time, create a new database,etc… and all still the same. Stuck at the Database Settings.

By the way, for the second installation, i followed a tutorial which also i found on the net. This time, the tutorial chose /opt/openfire as the path.

So i think my Ubuntu box or the MySQL got confused with the new installation and also the previous installation settings.

How to clean uninstall all the Openfire installation so that i can reinstall the Openfire with clean install?

Make sure that no old installation is running. Check both folders and delete everything. What installation package are you using? Also, when it get stucked on the database page does it show any error or just doesnt go further?

Sounds to me like a communication issue with the database. That would also trigger the asking for you to setup again if it cannot see the settings, which are stored in the database.