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How to cleanup the embedded-db

i found the embedded-db openfire.script is growing fast, and some list in the openfire.script is useless.

how to cleanup the embedded-db, so my system can be run faster.

Well. As this is just a plain text file, then maybe just deleting the unneeded lines. Carefully, of course. Keeping the structure. Do you use Monitoring plugin? I’ve noticed that with this plugin DB file grows very quickly and after uninstalling it my DB went back to small size.


i dont use the plugin monitor, but i use Kraken IM Gateway, i found that when the users login msn via Spark, there contact list will be writed to the embedded-db, so the embedded-db grows fast.

Every message going through the Kraken IM Gateway is stored in the db.

Also, it isn’t a straight forward process to delete records without being familiar with the underlying storage mechanism.

There is no maintenance process or procedure already designed for this?

No. Embedded-DB is not intended for a production use (though many use it).


acually the database does not grow, unless you don’t use a plugin which uses it for random reasons. As it’s related to the Kraken plugin you may ask in the Kraken forum whether this is normal or not.