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How to clear cache of Routing Users Cache / Routing User Sessions


i found there there are lot of error generating into log file. because i had added groups to share contacts with different team members. later, i removed those contact sharing and created some other groups to share contacts with individual teams.

it looks like, there is cache stored on openfire thats why its creating “Groups Not Found” error.

please let me know know to clear all cache stored on openfire

I doubt this is the issue you are seeing, but Caches can be cleared using the “Clear Selected” button on the Cache Summary page of the admin console (Server -> Server Manager -> Cache Summary).


hi Greg,

thanks for your reply…

i saw that option is there but check box is not available for Routing User cache.


Yes, some caches can’t be cleared. If it’s one of those, your only option is to restart all nodes in the cluster at the same time.

That said, if you supply a clear indication of what the problem you’re seeing is and how to reproduce it reliably, it would help to fix it.