How to clear conversation history window


Please let us know how to clear the conversation history window.



What conversation history do you want to clear? Is it in Spark or do you want to clear group chat history saved on server? If it’s about group chat log, then you can only change history size or disable it at http://server:9090/muc-history-settings.jsp?mucname=conference

The messages under Conversation history for particular member.

Below are the steps where we can see the Conversion history window for particular member.

  1. Click on the member, view conversation history

Let me know how to clear this window(particular chat messages).



So it is Spark (should be in Spark Support forum). Open chat window with that user, right click in the messages area and select Clear. Then press Yes to confirm that you want permanently delete conversation history with that contact.


particular messages area cannot be Cleared, while the entire messages in the Chat window gets cleared.



Yes. You can’t delete individual messages. This is not an intended behavior.

Quite bemused to see this features now been removed?!? the history just comes back once you open the chat window again now. Now users have no way of clearing this themselves by the looks of things

What version of Spark are you using? As far as i know (was testing history clearing recently) it is working as intended in the latest SVN code.

moving this thread to Spark Support

Im using version 2.5.8 of the spark client.

If you right click on the chat window there is an option for clear, but it only clears it until you open the chat window to the same person, and then all the history is back again.

It dosnt seem to ask to confirm if you want to delete it either.

This is fixed in the latest source code. You can test this with SVN test installer from here Pick spark-installer.exe

I have Spark 2.6.0 RC1. But this problem is still there.

Basically, the “clear history” does not clear the “_current” file. Therefore, when you come back, the current file still shows the most recent thing.

It does clear the history file but that only clears the old messages, not the last 20 or so messages.

Follow up:

The second time I cleared the history, it cleared everything. Perhaps if something was recently typed it doesn’t get cleared, but if it’s a few minutes old it does?

It definitely still doesn’t work properly.

Still can’t reproduce this with the latest SVN version. You can try it ( It clears both the current and the other xml files.

I just installed the version you suggested. It has the same behavior.

  1. Type a message

  2. Clear the log (say “yes” to “Permanently Delete”)

  3. Text disapperas

  4. Close window

  5. Open window

Text is back.

I’m doing exactly the same and the text doesn’t appear again after i open that window again. maybe it is something specific to your system. Try clean reinstall of the latest version (delete your profile in AppData, but save history transcripts if you will need them).

Well, a clean profile did fix it. After I copied my user folder back, the problem was back. But just copying the transcripts didn’t seem to cause an issue.

I have no idea, really, I cleared out the contacts and vcards and the problem persisted. But when I start from a new profile and copy just the transcripts, no issue…

Unless it’s caused by my personal.png, that seems to be all that’s in the folder…

Oh well, it’s working now.