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How to clear database when gets full

hi all,

how do i clear the database (external mysql on same server) when the database gets full of logs/history etc, can you do it through the webgui or do you have to do it through terminal?

many thanks


There is no option built-in to clean up the database. The one who has created Monitoring plugin (he is not in this community anymore) believed that logs should not be deleted (for security reasons), so he didn’t add such option.

so theres nothing i can do to clean/empty/delete the my sql database if it gets full?

on the openfire web admin console how do i get openfire to not log/save/archive any chat message on the server

It looks like i was wrong about Monitoring plugin not having a purge setting (it didn’t have it before). If you **do **use Monitoring Service plugin, then in Admin Console go to top menu Archiving, then Archiving Settings and look for Max Message Age. Set it to the value you want. I think it should purge older messages after you press Update Settings button. Maybe it will take some time.

To clean logs, go to Server > Logs and press Clear for every type of logs.

nice one wroot, i have installed the monitoring service but have unticked “conversation state archiving” but its a really nice feature to have so you can monitor all traffic and convos if wanted to

I would like to purge old chat conversations in all chatroom that are older than 14 days. I am using Openfire 4.3.2 on Windows 2012R2 and MS SQL.

I have configured my server as below, but when querying the database table ofMucConversationLog, the old messages are still there. Would you help point me in the right direction? Thanks!